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Velocity Private Jets: Passionate about your travel.

Welcome to Velocity Private Jets, the premier universe for private jet travel, where we redefine luxury air travel and elevate flying private jets to unprecedented heights.

Our mission at Velocity Private Jets is to offer an unparalleled private jet experience, carefully crafted to cater to the discerning tastes of high-end travelers and corporate clients who value exclusivity and exceptional service. We operate a 24/7 full-service private jet charter that covers the entire spectrum from planning to landing, and beyond.

What is the freedom of flying?

We boast a fleet of over 7,000 private jets, all selected to meet the rigorous standards for safety, quality, and reliability that we uphold. Our clients have the freedom to choose their preferred jet, personalizing their journey to suit their unique preferences and needs.

At Velocity Private Jets, you are not just a passenger, but our esteemed guest. Our team of aviation experts stands ready day and night to deliver flawless service. Composed of industry leaders who excel in all aspects of flying, our team infuses every journey with fresh energy and a steadfast focus on execution.

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Private Jets and More!

As your trusted advisor in private jet charters, we acknowledge the importance of personalization. We offer a bespoke charter experience, guided by your dedicated and experienced Velocity Charter Advisor. Unlike programmatic or app-driven approaches, our services are personal and available for you 24/7/365 days, with as little as three hours of notice.

We prioritize safety and have implemented strict health protocols to safeguard the health of our passengers, pilots, and crew. Our commitment to safety and service is unwavering, and we constantly strive to create efficiencies that allow us to offer superior pricing, well-consulted jet charter booking options, and generous membership rewards without cumbersome commitments.

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At Velocity Private Jets, luxury travel is redefined. With us, booking your private jet has never been so personal and easy. We invite you to explore the skies with confidence and experience the epitome of private jet flight experiences that our loyal clientele worldwide swears by. Let us show you why Velocity Private Jets stands as the preferred choice for discerning private jet travelers worldwide.

We invite you to share your itinerary plans with us and discover the world of difference a private jet charter with Velocity Private Jets can make. Book your private jet with Velocity and elevate your luxury travel experience to new heights.

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