How it Works Chartering a Private Jet

Chartering a Private Jet one journey at a time is the most flexible aircraft access method available.

Private Jet Charter

At Velocity, we provide private jet charters ensuring that you can reliably reach your destination on short notice and with maximum flexibility. Charter the perfect aircraft for your journey with as little as 4 hours of notice

If your annual flying time is less than 25 hours, opting for on-demand private jet charters is the most cost-efficient and adaptable way to travel privately, whether for business or personal trips. Frequently, individuals with jet cards, fractional ownerships, or whole aircraft ownerships also rely on on-demand charters as a supplementary option to guarantee the availability of an aircraft.

Chartering a jet for individual trips represents the most flexible method of aircraft access available in the market. Clients can customize their specific charter flight on a per-trip basis and as needed, without any long-term commitments or obligations.

Charter Your Private Jet Wherever, Whenever

Chartering a jet on an as-needed basis offers unparalleled freedom and control over your travel. No other flying method provides the same degree of flexibility as arranging flights on a per-trip basis. With ad-hoc private jet charters, you encounter no blackout dates and can often fly at the last minute, accommodating almost all scenarios.

While chartering a jet as needed typically offers unparalleled flexibility, there are exceptions. For instance, arranging a last-minute flight at 2 am from a remote location on a Saturday night during peak holiday seasons may be challenging due to limited availability of aircraft and crew.

However, on-demand private jet chartering also allows you to capitalize on one-way specials and empty-leg flights when they align with your schedule, potentially offering substantial savings. As you’re not committed to a specific operator or aircraft, you have the freedom to choose the best option for each trip.

Significant discounts are sometimes available for last-minute charters if the aircraft is already heading in your direction, sometimes saving up to 75% compared to standard rates. At Velocity, we provide access to an extensive selection of private jet empty-leg flights through various air charter platforms and communities.

With a 2-hour call out for pilots, we often can have you airborne with as little as 4 hours’ notice, and our record time is 45 minutes from call to takeoff. Once the charter is confirmed and paid for, the aircraft is readied for immediate departure.

Private jet charters offer unique benefits not available through other travel methods like whole or fractional ownership or fixed hourly jet cards. While these alternatives also provide quick travel options, none match the ease and flexibility of a single private jet charter.

Get Your Private Jet Charter Offer

If you’re interested in jet charter prices get in touch with us below. You’ll get more details and private jet rental cost estimates for charter flights. You can compare charter prices among various private jet offers for the same routes.

The Benefits of Direct Private Jet Charters

  • No private jet class commitments
  • Pay on a per-private jet charter basis
  • Charter a private jet on a very last minute, all year long
  • Significant savings per trip when compared to other private jet access methods
  • No subscription costs, nor initiation costs
  • Flexibility to choose any size, or type of private jet for each of your travel plans
  • International flights come with massive cost savings compared to Jet Cards or Fraction-Ownerships of the competition
  • International flights come with massive cost savings compared to Jet Cards or Fraction-Ownerships of the competition
  • Access to worldwide empty-leg offerings with extraordinary savings for flexible travellers

Ideal Examples of Events that are Perfect for Chartering a Jet

  • Golf Cup charter flights, and other sporting events
  • Business meetings, especially for remote locations
  • Real estate tours, mostly combined together
  • Family events, like weddings at a remote location
  • DJ and live music tours, mostly booked as a whole tour
  • Urgent shipments or relocation of personnel
  • Relocations to other countries, mostly international

How Does a Private Jet Charter Work?

At Velocity, you’ll benefit from a team committed to ensuring every aspect of your flight is handled meticulously, from the initial planning to the moment you land. Choosing to charter a private jet with us grants you access to a vast selection of airports globally and over 4,000 preferred aircraft. We’re here to assist you in finding the perfect aircraft to suit your needs, all while advocating for your interests in the market in terms of safety, quality, reliability, and cost.

How Much Does a Private Jet Charter Cost?

Here are examples of private jet charter hourly rates. Discover more about our one-time charter costs by obtaining an online quote or by visiting our private jet rental pricing page for detailed information.

CategoryPassengersRange (nm)Speed (ktas)Height (ft)Price Range (USD)
Very Light Jet2 – 4700 – 1400330 – 3714.2 – 4.9€2750 – €3500
Light Jet6 – 71100 – 1900308 – 4924.1 – 5€2900 – €3500
Super Light Jet7 – 81700 – 1900383 – 4654.1 – 5€4000 – €4300
Midsize Jet8 – 91300 – 3000374 – 4704.8 – 5.9€4300 – €4750
Super Midsize Jet8 – 102400 – 4000375 – 5305.7 – 6.3€5100 – €6500
Heavy Jet10 – 163600 – 6000485 – 5135.9 – 6.2€6800 – €9500
Ultra Long Range Jet12 – 162500 – 6700368 – 5166 – 6.4€10000 – €14000
VIP Airliner16 – 503800 – 6100469 – 4856.5 – 7.3€16000 – €23000
Turboprop Aircraft6 – 8700 – 1900189 – 4024.7 – 5.7€1850 – €2300
Helicopter3 – 6200 – 65096 – 1903.9 – 6€1700 – €2500
Turboprop Airliner29 – 74350 – 2800166 – 3825.8 – 6.5€2800 – €16500
Regional Airliner37 – 501000 – 2000434 – 5345.7 – 6.7€6000 – €7000
Short and Medium Range Airliner100 – 1603000 – 4200382 – 5116.2 – 7.2€17000 – €22000
Long Range Airliner19 – 5001550 – 8300374 – 6106 – 9.4€16000 – €30000

The Velocity Experience

Velocity offers unparalleled service, value, and support to provide high-end travel experiences. 

The Art of Value

Flying in a Private Jet adds value to your life with Velocity in an unparalleled way.

Fly Free & Relaxed

Flying in a Private Jet adds value to your life with Velocity in an unparalleled way.

Private Jet Cost

Velocity flyers enjoy easy access, no-commitment, and asset-light private travel and our whole private jet fleet.

Stay Sustainable

Flying in a Private Jet adds value to your life and staying sustainable goes with it.

Ways to Fly

Private Charters

Private Charters

Velocity offers whole aircraft private charter flights across the globe; clients can request from over 7,000 aircraft.

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Empty Legs

You can book Empty Leg flights or seats on existing ferry flights or shared flights, you can also create crowdfunded flights.

The Fleet

Velocity is part of the Capacity Aviation ecosystem. Velocity Members and clients can request flights on over 7,000 aircraft worldwide, and the safety-vetted Velocity alliance fleet of 800+ private aircraft — covers all cabin classes and offers global coverage for diverse passenger requirements.

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Buy as You Fly

Velocity offers whole aircraft private charter flights across the globe; clients can request from over 7,000 aircraft. Carefully curated for your wishes.

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Velocity Membership

Velocity Membership gives clients significant benefits over non-members and is the most efficient, accessible, and transparent option in private aviation.

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Terms & Conditions

We, at Velocity, do not hide our general terms and conditions. It belongs to our utmost priority to have our customers knowledgeable about the terms and conditions when chartering a private jet.