The Velocity Private Jet Experience

Redefine Your Travel with Our Luxury Private Jet Charter

Forget about long queues, cramped seats, and unpredictable schedules. With Velocity Private Jets, you control your travel, making every journey truly extraordinary.

Turn Dreams into Reality in Six Simple Steps

Booking your private jet charter has never been easier. In just six steps, you can redefine your travel experience:

  1. Choose your destination.

  2. Select the type of jet that suits your needs.

  3. Set your schedule.

  4. Customize your onboard experience.

  5. Confirm your booking.

  6. Enjoy the unparalleled private jet experience.

These steps will be brought to life through an engaging animation, demonstrating the ease and convenience of our service.

The Benefits of Flying Private with Velocity

  • Freedom: Travel to your desired destination, on your schedule.

  • Comfort: Enjoy spacious interiors, personalized service and a luxurious ambiance.

  • Efficiency: Say goodbye to long airport lines and unpredictable flight schedules.

  • Privacy: Hold business meetings or relax en route, with total privacy.

Words from our satisfied customers

CEO @ Machinery Industry
CEO @ Machinery Industry
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Velocity Private Jets transformed my travel experience. The luxury, efficiency, and service are unmatched.
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Booking with Velocity was a breeze. The private jet experience was beyond my expectations.

1. Booking

Dedicated Aviation Advisors from VELOCITY are available day or night to provide trusted guidance on ways to buy and fly. Simply call, drop us a mail, or text us through our Website with your private travel inquiry.


Phone: +49 40 228 97 144

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2. Pre-flight

The VELOCITY Advisors team tailors every VELOCITY travel experience to meet individual preferences – arranging catering, ground transportation, and concierge services to make every trip seamless and exceptional. 

3. Day of Flight

The VELOCITY Advisors team also supports your day-of-travel needs – greeting you at the private jet terminal, assisting with boarding, and helping you with anything you may need before takeoff. Flyers must arrive 15 minutes before departure for charter flights.

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4. In-flight

Most jets in our partnered fleet include complimentary in-flight WiFi – so you can work efficiently. Additionally, many of the large cabin jets on our most frequented routes include a Cabin Host for improved service.


5. Arrival

The Advisors team can arrange ground transportation that will meet you on the tarmac and bring you to your destination in comfort.

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6. Post-flight


Beyond the jet, VELOCITY has partnered with some of the world’s finest brands to extend exclusive access to luxury travel and lifestyle benefits and invitation-only events that enrich and broaden the journey. Just ask your personal Advisor for more information.


Need guidance?

We are available 24/7 to assist with your charter flight request. Call us at any time for instant help.