Frequently Asked Questions About Private Jets

All Your Answers to Flying Private Jets

Everything you need to know, here in our Frequently Asked Question section, before and on board your private flight with Velocity Private Jets.

What are the advantages of flying private vs. commercial?

Private jet travel offers unparalleled privacy, convenience, and luxury. Clients can avoid long security lines, enjoy flexible scheduling, and have access to a wider range of airports closer to their final destination. The overall experience is tailored to the individual’s needs, providing a more comfortable and efficient journey.

How do I book a private jet?

Booking can typically be done online, over the phone, or through our social media accounts, including WhatsApp. Clients may need to provide details such as travel dates, destinations, number of passengers, and specific requirements. It’s advisable to book as early as possible, but some services can accommodate last-minute requests.

How long should I arrive before departure?

We advise our clients to arrive 15 to 20 minutes before the scheduled departure. Passengers should plan enough time to go through security, and customs if necessary. Additionally, some airports are subject to slots and it can sometimes be difficult to obtain a new slot.

Can I choose my flight departure time?

Flight times and routes are determined based on client preferences, weather conditions, and air traffic regulations. We strive to provide the most efficient and convenient route for your journey.

What is an on-demand charter flight?

On-demand charter flights are aircraft that you hire for a flight at the time you decide and on the itinerary you choose. You control every detail. You select your aircraft according to size, age, and your budget. Once approved and paid for, the aircraft is guaranteed for you and your guests to fly as requested. Velocity offers very competitive prices for these flights, as we negotiate preferential rates with operators based on a high volume of flight hours year after year.

Can I travel to secondary or regional airports?

Flying private allows for passengers to get closer to their final destination. However, certain airports are restricted (runway length, approach) preventing specific aircraft to operate on their terrains. Additionally, weather conditions and type of airports can impact a flight and force the crew to divert to an alternate airport.

Is Wi-Fi available onboard?

Most of our jets are equipped with high-speed Wi-Fi, allowing passengers to stay connected during their flight. This service is included in the charter cost for most flights. You will find a statement to each aircraft on your offer.

Is the price all inclusive?

Pricing is based on factors like the type of aircraft, distance of the journey, duration of the trip, and additional services requested. We provide transparent pricing and can offer quotes upon request. See more at Private Jet Cost.

Can I fly to multiple destinations on the same day?

It is possible to optimize your travel and make a few different stops in one day. However, crew duty time cannot be overlooked, and as an average, crews cannot be on duty for over 10 hours.

Are pets allowed on board?

Passengers traveling with a pet should disclose the information to our team for two main reasons:

  • Some aircraft owners do not allow animals in their cabins, in that case, our team will only offer pet-friendly aircraft.
  • Animals’ travel procedures are complex and are different from one country to another.

Can I change the schedule or the itinerary of my flight?

Business aviation’s clients can change their flight departure time or even its destination. However, depending on the aircraft’s planning, the updated time or the itinerary change, additional fees can apply.

Is there parking available at the business aviation terminal?

Handling or FBO offer parking, the team is in charge of parking your vehicle and getting it ready upon your return. On a smaller airport, parking should be made available to all business aviation passengers.

Do I have to go through boarding formalities?

Based on passengers’ destination and nationalities, they have to go through the same immigration procedures as commercial airline passengers. All passengers go through the security check and if needed, customs.

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Is it possible to add a last-minute passenger?

If the aircraft cabin has enough seats and if after adding the extra passengers, the aircraft’s weight does not exceed the maximum take-off/landing weight, then there should be no other restrictions. However, based on the number of additional passengers, fees can apply such as passenger’s taxes or catering budget. Also, in countries where immigration procedures apply, adding a passenger can delay the overall flight.

Is catering included on my flight?

On entry level jets such as Citation Mustang or Phenom 100, only standard catering is included (snacks and drinks). On larger aircraft, catering is included except for special requests such as caviar or fine wines. Clients can enjoy gourmet catering, with menus tailored to their preferences and dietary requirements. Amenities can include high-speed Wi-Fi, entertainment systems, meeting facilities, and sleeping quarters, depending on the aircraft.

Is De-Icing included on my flight?

Deicing refers to the process of removing frost, ice or snow from the surface of an aircraft before its departure. This procedure is mandatory for the safety of the crew and passengers onboard.

What are the cancellation terms in case I cannot take my booked flight?

Our cancellation policy is stated in our offers as follows:

  • 30% of the flight amount if cancellation occurs after confirmation of the flight
  • 50% of flight amount if cancellation occurs less than 7 days before the flight
  • 80% of flight amount if cancellation occurs less than 48 hours before the flight
  • 100% of flight amount if cancellation occurs less than 24 hours before the flight

What is an FBO or GAT?

A Fixed-Base Operator or FBO is an airport-licensed company providing various types of services related to business aviation operations. Mostly, FBO means the Business Aviation Terminal or General Aviation Terminal (GAT)

Can I book my transfer to and from the Airport with you?

We offer coordinated ground transportation services to ensure seamless travel from air to ground. This can include luxury car services, limousines, or helicopter transfers.

What are the Safety Standards?

Safety is a top priority. Our fleet undergoes rigorous maintenance checks, and pilots are highly trained and experienced. We adhere to all aviation safety standards and regularly audit our processes to ensure the highest level of safety.

Are there any baggage restrictions?

Baggage allowances vary depending on the aircraft but are generally more generous than commercial airlines. We advise clients on specific restrictions and handle all baggage with the utmost care.

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