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The Utlimate How To Charter a Private Jet Guide in 2024

At Velocity, we specialize in providing private jet charter services, ensuring that you have reliable and swift access to air travel whenever you need it. With our service, you’re able to book the perfect jet for your journey with minimal notice, sometimes in as little as 4 hours.

For those who travel by air for less than 25 hours annually, our on-demand private jet charters offer an economical and adaptable solution for both business and personal flights. Our services are also utilized by jet card members, fractional owners, and full aircraft owners as a supplementary option, guaranteeing the availability of an aircraft when needed.

Opting for a jet charter for each trip represents the utmost flexibility when it comes to accessing private aircraft. Our clients enjoy the ability to customize each charter flight to their specific needs, all without the need for any long-term commitments or obligations.

Seize Flexibility with On-Demand Private Jet Chartering

Hiring a jet on a per-trip basis with Velocity grants unparalleled freedom and control over your travel experience. This method of flying stands out for its unmatched flexibility, allowing you to travel exactly as you please. With our ad-hoc private jet charters, you face no blackout dates and, in most situations, have the option to fly on very short notice.

However, there are certain limitations. For instance, arranging a last-minute flight at 2 am from a remote location on a Saturday night, especially during peak holiday times, may be challenging due to limited availability of aircraft and crew.

A key advantage of choosing on-demand private jet charter is the opportunity to capitalize on one-way specials and empty-leg flights. These options are ideal if they align with your schedule, offering significant savings. Since you’re not tied to a specific operator or aircraft, you have the freedom to select the most suitable jet for each trip.

Taking advantage of last-minute offers when an aircraft is already heading in your direction can lead to substantial discounts, sometimes up to 75% off standard charter rates, as these opportunities arise in the market. At Velocity, we provide access to an extensive range of private jet empty-leg flights, utilizing a variety of air charter platforms and communities available to charter brokers.

Our pilots typically have a 2-hour call-out time, and we often manage to have clients airborne within 4 hours of booking. Our record is a remarkable 29 minutes from call to take-off, facilitated by pilots already present at the airport. Once a charter is confirmed and paid for, the aircraft is immediately prepped for departure. The conveniences offered by private jet charters are unparalleled by any other mode of air travel. While alternatives like whole or fractional ownership, or fixed hourly jet cards, may offer quick travel solutions, none match the simplicity and flexibility of a single private jet charter with Velocity.

A Selection of the Main Benefits of Private Jet Charter

  • No financial, long-term commitments
  • Pay per flight, or per-charter basis
  • Flexibility to choose any size jet on a per-trip basis without penalty
  • No initiation cost, membership fees, or any hidden payments
  • Hire a Private Jet last minute if needed
  • Significant cost savings over Jet Cards or Memberships

How do I Book a Last Minute Private Jet?

First, we meticulously assess your requirements to identify the best aircraft options for your needs.

After selecting your preferred option, we’ll forward the necessary documents through DocuSign for your review and approval. Payment for the charter can be conveniently made using major credit cards or via wire transfer.

Once your trip is confirmed, we’ll provide a detailed itinerary and the Fixed Base Operator (FBO) location for your jet meeting point.

For those traveling with pets, young children, or on international journeys, we offer tailored guidance to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience. It’s important to note that traveling internationally with a child and only one parent may require additional documentation.

For international flights, be aware that certain destinations may need visas and landing permits. The time frame for obtaining landing permits varies, ranging from 1 hour to 4 weeks, depending on the destination. Typically, we can secure a permit in under 24 hours for most international routes.

During peak travel times, demand for charters increases. For holiday travel, we advise booking well in advance – at least 10 days before departure – to secure a wide choice of aircraft. Additionally, for major events like the Super Bowl or Daytona 500, early planning is crucial as landing permits and parking spaces become increasingly limited as the event date approaches.

Private Jet Charter

Ready for take off?

With many years of experience in the private charter market, our team of experts ensure you always get the best prices and the perfect options to suit your travel needs.

What are the Cancellation Policies for a Charter Flight?

The cancellation terms and associated penalties for each flight vary according to the specific aircraft operator’s policies. Typically, bookings for one-way flights, empty legs, and trips during peak travel times are subject to a 100% cancellation fee. For round trips, the cancellation fee often begins at 50% of the flight cost if canceled 1 to 2 weeks before departure, escalating to 75% for cancellations within 48 hours of departure, and reaching 100% if the cancellation occurs within 24 hours of departure. Note that some VIP airliner operators might require a non-refundable deposit ranging from 25 to 50% upon booking.

At Velocity, our cancellation fees reflect the operators’ stipulations. In situations where a client needs to cancel a flight shortly before departure, we endeavor to persuade the operators to issue a refund, though success is not guaranteed. For instance, we have previously managed to secure a refund of over €67,000, but such outcomes are not always possible. Importantly, Velocity does not impose any cancellation fees unless they are mandated and collected by the aircraft operator.

Are there any Additional Fees expectable?

Additional fees beyond the initial charter cost are rare, with most of our private jet charters not incurring any.

Our agreements typically cover all expenses, with a few exceptions for incidental charges. These might include fees for pet-related accidents, de-icing, or Wi-Fi usage, if applicable. It’s important to note that operators are quite stringent about any damage to the aircraft interior, which can lead to substantial extra costs. However, if the flight proceeds smoothly without any unforeseen issues, there are usually no additional fees. In fact, less than 1% of our charters experience any extra charges beyond the initial quoted price.

What is an Aircraft Operator?

In the realm of business aviation, the primary parties involved are the aircraft proprietors or handlers, along with the private jet intermediaries.

Handlers of aircraft are authorized for commercial passenger transport through an Aircraft Operator’s Certificate (AOC), distinguishing their operations from non-commercial private flights. These commercial flights adhere to stricter regulatory conditions to ensure heightened safety for fare-paying travelers.

You might have noticed a sizable aircraft departing from a certain airport, questioning why your chartered flight can’t do the same. The aircraft in question was probably flying under private, non-commercial terms. The rigorous safety protocols required for chartered services might not be upheld at that specific airport.

Some private aircraft owners might attempt to transport commercial passengers under the guise of “private” flights. Though more cost-effective, such actions are illegal and akin to an individual unlawfully using their personal vehicle for taxi services. These operations often fall short on necessary standards, insurance, and offer minimal passenger protection.

Therefore, AlbaJet pledges to reserve planes only from esteemed, certified operators who not only meet but exceed regulatory standards and maintain an impeccable safety record.

What is an Aircraft Broker?

Historically, aircraft brokers have acted as intermediaries between customers seeking to charter a private jet and the operators of such jets. In this traditional role, Velocity functions similarly as a “broker,” given that we don’t own any jets ourselves.

The broker’s value lies in their ability to identify the most appropriate aircraft for each specific journey, ensuring the customer’s needs are met at the most favorable price.

You might wonder, if you’ve been directly booking with operator X for years, why should you consider booking through Velocity instead? The world of business aviation is quite dynamic compared to commercial airlines, with private jets often traversing varied, unscheduled routes.

Consider this: a client in Berlin wants to fly to London and thinks that contacting a local operator would be the cheapest option. However, often an operator might already have an aircraft in Berlin and need to return to London or nearby. This means they might offer a more cost-effective option than a local operator who would have to factor in the cost of returning the jet to Germany after the flight.

This is where Velocity’s role as a private jet broker shines. We don’t just connect you with the nearest operator; we use advanced bidding technology to evaluate all available aircraft and select the most suitable and cost-effective options for your journey.

What to know booking a Private Jet

First-time private jet travelers often have numerous inquiries about what to anticipate. Questions range from airport arrival times, terminal locations, onboard catering, and more. Let’s address these one by one:

Arrival Time at the Airport: You’re generally expected to arrive 20 minutes before the scheduled departure. However, it’s wise to account for unforeseen delays like traffic.

Where to Go: The meeting point can vary. AlbaJet provides detailed directions, including a Google Maps link, in the flight briefing. Typically, private flights leave from a dedicated terminal known as an FBO (“Fixed Base Operator”), though there are exceptions, particularly in southern Europe. Here, the aircraft crew will welcome you and escort you to your plane.

Onboard Catering: Availability and type of food depend on flight duration and aircraft size. Smaller propeller planes might not offer food, while turboprops and light jets provide snacks and drinks. Medium-sized jets usually have cold meals, and heavy jets offer hot meals. Remember to mention any dietary needs in advance.

If You’re Late: Being punctual is crucial. While operators may wait up to 30 minutes, this isn’t guaranteed.

Payment Methods: Bank transfers are preferred for their convenience and cost-effectiveness. Credit cards are accepted but come with a fee. For last-minute bookings, a credit card hold or payment might be necessary. AlbaJet also accepts Bitcoin.

Required Documents: Passports are essential, though a photo ID might suffice within the Schengen zone. Check with us beforehand. Visa and immigration requirements mirror those of commercial flights.

Pricing Structure: Charter prices are typically for the entire aircraft, not per seat. Seat-sharing options exist, offering lower prices but less flexibility and privacy, as you’ll be flying with others on a fixed schedule.

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