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Very Light Jets

Very Light Jets (VLJs) are a top choice for short to medium-range, lightweight travel (under 10,000 pounds), known for their efficiency and versatility. They’re ideally suited for small groups, usually accommodating two to four passengers, and are perfect for those looking to combine the speed of jet cruising with the convenience of using smaller airports.

The range of VLJs on the market varies in performance and payload capacity. While they are primarily designed for small groups, some of the larger VLJs offer more baggage space or might feature a semi-private lavatory. All VLJs are equipped with turbofan engines and pressurized cabins, enhancing comfort, safety, and performance. When compared to turboprop aircraft, VLJs provide a significant reduction in travel time due to their jet engines. They also offer cost savings similar to turboprops due to lower operational expenses. Typically configured in a VIP layout, VLJs are geared towards providing an exclusive experience for executives, optimizing both luxury and capacity.

Light Jets

Light jets are a practical and cost-effective choice for short to medium-range trips, offering enhanced versatility, speed, and range compared to non-turbine aircraft. Their ability to access smaller airports, unreachable by larger airliners, gives them an edge in convenience. With an average cruising speed of 440 mph and a range of approximately 1,500 miles, light jets ensure a swift and efficient journey.

For added comfort and safety, these aircraft are equipped with pressurized passenger cabins and typically feature a private or semi-private lavatory. However, it’s worth noting that the baggage capacity in light jets is often limited and might not accommodate larger items like skis or bulky golf bags.

Super Light Jets

If you need more room than what a light jet offers, super light jets (SLJs) are an excellent upgrade. These aircraft provide increased cabin space and larger baggage compartments. Ideal for short-to-medium-range journeys, SLJs can comfortably accommodate seven to eight passengers. They offer an extended range over light jets, along with more spacious interiors, making SLJs both efficient and cost-effective. For a slight increase in cost, super light jets also have the capability to land in smaller airports, enhancing their convenience. With added amenities and a longer range, SLJs ensure a safe, comfortable, and luxurious travel experience.

Midsize Jets

Midsize jets present an ideal combination of efficiency, comfort, performance, and economy for medium-length flights. Capable of flying further and faster than lighter jets, midsize aircraft boast an average cruising speed of 500 mph and a maximum nonstop range of about 2,100 miles. Importantly, they retain the ability to operate from smaller airports, offering versatility and convenience.

Many midsize jets feature external baggage storage, providing ample space for a reasonable amount of luggage. However, some models, like the Hawker line of jets, have only internal baggage compartments, which may restrict the ability to carry skis or other oversized items. Despite this, midsize jets uniformly offer the comfort of a full private lavatory, enhancing the travel experience with added privacy and convenience.

Heavy Jets

Heavy jets stand as the pinnacle of luxury and comprehensive amenity offerings for long-haul charter flights, representing the ultimate in comfort and performance. With top speeds reaching around 530 mph and an average range close to 4,000 miles, these aircraft are the premier choice for private jet travel, catering to those seeking the most elite flying experience.

Among the most comfortable and high-performing options in executive air travel, heavy jets provide a luxurious and efficient journey for long distances. Despite their size, they maintain the ability to land at airports beyond the reach of many major airlines, offering added flexibility. Passengers can expect a superior standard of luxury common to all large jets, including amenities like full private lavatories, external baggage compartments, stereo DVD systems, satellite phones, fax capabilities, and fully equipped galleys. The presence of onboard flight attendants further elevates the experience, ensuring enhanced safety, comfort, and personalized service, from gourmet catering to entertainment, throughout the journey.

Long Range Jets

For journeys spanning from state to state or international destinations, long-range jets provide an unparalleled flying experience with up to 11 hours of non-stop flight time, significantly surpassing the capabilities of most aircraft. These jets are perfectly suited for extended trips and can comfortably accommodate between 12 and 19 passengers. Typically, these aircraft feature first-class seating arrangements, ensuring a luxurious and comfortable experience for every passenger.

Depending on the specific model, the baggage compartments of ultra-long-range jets can accommodate an impressive volume of luggage, sometimes up to 100 suitcases. These jets often come equipped with additional premium features, including a full bar, catering services, and even private rooms, enhancing the travel experience to the highest standards of luxury and convenience.

Popular Long-Range Jets

VIP Airliner

VIP Airliners, like the Boeing BBJ, epitomize the pinnacle of convenience, luxury, and comfort in air travel. These super-large aircraft serve as a flying home, providing an unmatched range of in-flight comfort options for private jet clients. Depending on the chosen interior configuration, they can accommodate 15 to 30 passengers, making them ideal for both group travel and those desiring expansive personal space.

All VIP Airliners boast substantial luggage capacity, with enough room for oversized items and some cargo. They outperform most charter airliners in their ability to operate longer and more complex routes, often utilized for long-haul and international journeys. However, due to their high operating costs, they’re less recommended for shorter trips.

The level of luxury onboard is unparalleled, often featuring cabin attendants, sleeper beds, spacious cabins, private suites, and even showers. These amenities ensure passengers enjoy the utmost in privacy, comfort, and opulence throughout their journey.

Popular VIP Airliner

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We believe in delivering the most value for every flight and it typically begins with selecting the right aircraft.

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