Pilatus PC-24

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The Pilatus PC-24 is an amazing jet that offers the perfect blend of a luxurious cabin and exceptional short-runway performance. This jet is undoubtedly one of the best in its class, surpassing other light jet models on almost every level.

Its cabin features a flat floor throughout, making it incredibly versatile, while the spacious baggage hold with a full-sized cargo door makes loading large items a breeze. You’ll also appreciate the premium bathroom, which offers the ultimate comfort for a light jet. All in all, if you’re looking for a sophisticated private jet that is comfortable and practical, the PC-24 is a great choice to consider.

The Swiss Army Knife of Private Jets

The Pilatus PC-24 is a private jet introduced by the Swiss manufacturer Pilatus in the year 2015. Other than most private jets, the Pilatus PC-24 private jet can land on very short runways, and even on gravel runways. The usual length of land required is less than 820 meters. Its great range, which is greater than usual light jets, stretches to 3700 kilometers. The Australian Royal Flying Doctors and the Swedish Army use the PC-24 to operate remote airstrips rescuing people in medical need.



  • Fully Enclosed Lavatory
  • Tables at each Seat
  • Flat Floor Design
  • Extra Large Baggage Capacity


Cabin Length23ft / 7m
SeatingUp to 8
WashroomsFully Enclosed Lavatory
CateringCold VIP Catering
RangeUp to 5 hours, 37000 kilometers
Crew2 Pilots
Baggage12 Medium Cases + Hand Luggage
Hourly Rate3,500€/hour
Purchase Price13,500,00€

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