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Bern Airport: A Refined Destination for Private Jet Travelers

An In-Depth Guide by Fly-Velocity

Fly-Velocity is excited to present an extensive overview of Bern Airport, a key destination for private jet travelers heading to Switzerland’s de facto capital. Known for its tailored services and serene atmosphere, Bern Airport also referred to as Bern-Belp Airport, is ideally suited for those seeking a discreet and efficient travel experience. Let’s explore the attributes that make Bern Airport a preferred choice for our esteemed clients.

Strategic Location and Accessibility

  • Proximity to Bern City Center: Bern Airport is conveniently located just 3 km east of Bern city, offering swift access to the heart of the Swiss capital. The airport’s close proximity ensures that travelers can reach the city center within 20 minutes after landing, making it an excellent choice for business and leisure travelers alike.

Dedicated Facilities for Private Jets

  • General Aviation Terminal: Designed specifically for private and business aviation customers, the General Aviation Terminal at Bern Airport provides a seamless experience. It features its own entrance, dedicated check-in for luggage, comprehensive security facilities, and comfortable lounge areas.
  • Exclusive Services: Bern Airport offers exclusive lounges, expedited security and immigration services, and personalized concierge services for private jet passengers. These amenities ensure a luxurious and hassle-free journey for Fly-Velocity clients.

Airport Specifications and Private Jet Operations

  • Runway Capacity: The airport boasts two runways, both suitable for private jet flights. This dual-runway system accommodates a variety of private aircraft, up to the size of Super Light Jets.
  • Quiet and Discreet: As a relatively small and quiet airport throughout the year, Bern-Belp Airport is ideal for private jets, providing an atmosphere of exclusivity and tranquility.

Additional Aviation Activities

  • Diverse Aviation Base: Besides being a base for private jets, Bern Airport also accommodates medical helicopters and houses two flying schools. This diverse range of aviation activities demonstrates the airport’s comprehensive aviation capabilities.

Fly-Velocity’s Commitment

At Velocity, we recognize the importance of choosing the right airport for your private jet journey. Bern Airport, with its strategic location, bespoke private jet facilities, and serene environment, perfectly complements our commitment to providing exceptional and efficient travel experiences. Opting for Bern Airport for your private jet travel ensures a journey marked by elegance, convenience, and discretion.

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