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Düsseldorf Airport, officially known as Düsseldorf International Airport (DUS), is a significant hub for private aviation. This airport distinguishes itself with a dedicated private jet terminal, ensuring that passengers can enjoy expedited services away from the commercial flight areas. The executive terminal operates from 05:30 to 23:00, catering to private jet travelers with efficiency and unmatched service. Its prime location in the heart of Europe allows easy access to key European cities, making it a preferred gateway for luxury private jet travelers.

Executive Terminal and Services at Düsseldorf Airport

  • General Aviation Terminal (GAT): This 800-square meter terminal, managed by Jet Aviation, handles approximately 12,000 aircraft annually from the General Aviation segment, including private and business jets. It features security and passport control, an executive lounge, and a small conference center. The terminal also includes a separate lounge for pilots, a briefing room for accessing current weather data and submitting flight plans, and a constantly staffed reception in the central hall.
  • FBO Services: Jet Aviation, the Swiss company responsible for the terminal’s operation, provides a variety of services. These include guiding aircraft, cleaning and refueling services, collecting fees, and controlling access to the security area​​​​.

Facilities and Amenities

  • Executive Lounges and Meeting Facilities: The FBO in Düsseldorf is the only one at the airport to offer executive lounges, a conference room, and a crew lounge. These facilities are designed to meet the needs of both passengers and flight crews.
  • Passenger and Crew Services: The terminal provides comprehensive services for passengers and crews, including executive and crew transportation, hotel coordination, immigration and customs on-site, and coordination for limousines, rental cars, taxis, catering, and ground support services​​​​​​.

Additional Services

  • Capacity Aviation: Caacity Aviation offers personalized concierge services at Düsseldorf International Airport. These services include limousine transfers, hotel reservations, and bespoke in-flight catering. Capacity Aviations’ diverse fleet features various models like the Challenger 850, Falcon 7X, Citation XLS+, and more, catering to a wide range of client needs. They also ensure expedited security checks as part of their VIP services​​.

Jet Aviation’s Comprehensive Offerings

  • Ground Support and Handling Services: Jet Aviation provides domestic and international handling, ground support services, coordination for aircraft cleaning (both exterior and interior), de-icing, refueling, and hangarage.
  • Additional Passenger & Crew Services: The facility offers executive and crew transportation, hotel and immigration services, customs clearance on-premises, and coordination for limousines, rental cars, taxis, catering, and additional ground support services​​.

The Executive Terminal at Düsseldorf Airport, with its wide range of services and facilities, offers a seamless and luxurious experience for private jet travelers, emphasizing comfort, efficiency, and high-quality service. The airport’s location and the services provided make it an excellent choice for private jet travel in Europe.


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