London, United Kingdom

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London, a city where history and modernity converge, offers an unparalleled experience for the luxury traveler. Arriving by private jet, you’re not just visiting a city, you’re stepping into a world of royal heritage, exquisite gastronomy, and cutting-edge culture. This guide will lead you through the most exclusive experiences that London has to offer.

Fancy London?

London’s global appeal lies in its unique blend of ancient history and contemporary vibrancy. From the hallowed halls of the British Museum to the trendy galleries of Shoreditch, London caters to every taste. The city’s robust private jet infrastructure, including airports like London City, Luton, and Farnborough, makes it a preferred choice for the discerning traveler.

Top Destinations in London

  1. Westminster and The Royal Palaces: Explore the heart of British royalty with private tours of Buckingham Palace, the Houses of Parliament, and Westminster Abbey.
  2. The City of London and Canary Wharf: Dive into London’s financial heart, with exclusive experiences in luxury skyscraper lounges and private financial district tours.
  3. The West End: London’s answer to Broadway, offering private box experiences in historic theatres.
  4. Chelsea and Kensington: Wander through affluent neighborhoods, enjoy high-end shopping, and visit private art galleries.
  5. The Thames River: Private boat tours along the Thames, offer a unique perspective of London’s landmarks.

London’s Private Jet Airports

London is exceptionally well-served by private jet airports, each offering a unique set of services for luxury travelers. Luton Airport is renowned for its exclusivity, while Farnborough is favored for its privacy. London City Airport, in the heart of the city, offers unparalleled access to central London.

  • Farnborough Airport

Farnborough Airport is located in Hampshire, about 40 miles southwest of Central London. This makes it an ideal choice for travelers seeking quick and easy access to London without the congestion of the city’s larger commercial airports.

  • Biggin Hill Airport

Biggin Hill is situated in Southeast London, around 12 miles from the city center. This location provides convenient access to the heart of London while remaining sufficiently distant from the congestion of the city’s larger airports.

  • Northolt Airport

RAF Northolt is situated approximately 6 miles north of Heathrow Airport and around 10 miles from Central London. Its location makes it one of the closest private jet airports to the center of London, offering convenient access to the city.

  • Stansted Airport

Stansted Airport is located in Essex, about 40 miles northeast of Central London. It offers convenient access to the city as well as to the eastern regions of England. Its location makes it less congested compared to some of London’s other major airports.

  • Luton Airport

Luton Airport is situated approximately 30 miles north of Central London. Its location provides relatively quick access to the city, making it a convenient choice for travelers looking to reach London efficiently.

  • London City

London City Airport is located in the Royal Docks in the London Borough of Newham, just 7 miles east of the City of London and a shorter distance from Canary Wharf. This proximity makes it the closest airport to Central London, offering unparalleled access to the city’s financial and business districts.

Exclusive Experiences in London

From private viewings of the Crown Jewels at the Tower of London to bespoke shopping experiences in Harrods and along Bond Street, London is a playground for the luxury traveler. Exclusive culinary experiences in Michelin-starred restaurants, private after-hours museum tours, and tailor-made city tours are just a few of the exclusive experiences available.

Practical Information for Travelers

The best times to visit London are during the spring and fall when the city’s weather is most pleasant. While the UK has left the EU, travel for many international visitors remains straightforward. The local currency is the British Pound, and English is the primary language. Traveling by private jet to London ensures a seamless, efficient, and luxurious experience.

Ready to fly to London?

London, with its rich history, vibrant culture, and endless luxury offerings, is a city best experienced with the exclusivity and comfort of a private jet. Whether you’re drawn to its royal heritage, world-class shopping, or diverse culinary scene, London promises an unforgettable journey.

Embark on your bespoke journey to London by booking your private jet today. Discover the myriad of treasures that await in this iconic city.